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A top South African sports scientist Prof Ross Tucker coined the term ‘Ghosts in Machine’ for youngsters that are taken in by the youth football system before being thrown out.

Over 1.5 million youths reportedly play organized youth football with the hope that they would be among the 180 that would appear in the Premier League. With a very low success rate of 0.012 percent, such dreams are usually crushed with the victims left to bear the pain.

Few years back Reece Staples was labelled the next star from Notts County. He did his trials at big clubs like Manchester United before moving to Nottingham Forest. The dream barely begun as he was released in the 2008/09season. Like many others, he could not handle what came next. Clair Dunne said her teenage son – at 19 – tried bringing in cocaine into Britain but the swallowed products led to his death at a police station. Continue reading HOW YOUNGSTERS FALTER ON THE ROAD TO PREMIER LEAGUE SUCCESS

Brown on Mourinho

Wes Brown has stated that fans should get used to the new Manchester United.

He said that Mourinho does not favor an exciting brand of football but instead put more focus on being effective. He believes that the club has progressed massively this season and that they will definitely be competing for the title next season.

Indeed Manchester United has been making steady progress during the past months, but there has been frustration among some fans that the team is not scoring enough goals.

Wes Brown said that he understands the fans, but they will have to understand that Sir Alex Ferguson is not here anymore and that they will have to get used to a new manager.

The former Manchester United defender said the objective of Jose Mourinho this season is to qualify for the Champions League and he feels that they should achieve this at the end of the season. Continue reading Brown on Mourinho

Blackburn Rovers spirits are still high according to Wes Brown

Since the start of the English League Championship season, Blackburn Rovers has been dropping points at a consistent basis after suffering a number of successive defeats since the beginning of their campaign.

The 2016-17 season of the 2nd tier English League initiated on August 5 of 2016 but it wasn’t until September 17 when Blackburn Rovers managed to win their first match in this competition and they have basically continued their string of negative results.

Even though the vast majority of the results that have arrived from Blackburn Rovers have seen them dropping points, according to Wes Brown, the team is still hopeful and optimistic that they can escape the bottom relegation zone and start winning matches in a successive manner. Continue reading Blackburn Rovers spirits are still high according to Wes Brown