Wes Brown’s Bold Prediction On The Champions League

During the Mc Donald’s & Cornwall FA Community Football Day, Wes Brown made some strong predictions. According to Wes Brown, Jose Mourinho is trying to target the 1st league title as Manchester United’s in charge in his 3rd season at Old Trafford. The rivals Manchester City is the current favorites who would keep their crown intact, while United and Liverpool might be close. Arsenal and Chelsea will try their chance with the help of a new guide, while Tottenham will continue to remain as a threat by Harry Kane. Brown says his previous side is highly capable to complete to the top. They have adequate skills to win the league, he said.

Everyone is making best attempts to chase City as they were brilliant last year to run away with the league. However, there are teams with some good players in and geared up to take up the challenge. It would be one of the outstanding seasons as per Wes Brown. As per him, the teams that would be on top 4 include Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City and Manchester United. There is no way that Arsenal would struggle much in the competition as they would certainly win the league.

Mourinho was a bit frustrated when the transfer window opened as there was not much of the incomings and not too happy with the suggestions. As far as Portuguese are concerned, they may be under pressure especially if United makes a slow start in the season. However, Brown is quite adamant that his job would not be in trouble. He also added that Manchester United is always ready to try and achieve trophies. This has always been their aim says Brown. It is too early to predict anything beyond this, especially after completion of just one game. The sole objective is to win trophies and Manchester United will do its best to make it to victory.