No thanks to the international break, Sunderland is calling off their clash with Bristol Rovers.

The Black Cats may have nine lives but that isn’t enough to go into the clash with Bristol when majority of their line-ups will be absent during the international break.

Nothing tells of how the mighty has fallen than watching Sunderland freak out at the absence of Conor McLaughlin, Jon McLaughlin and Tom Flanagan when it used to be the likes of Wes Brown and John Oshea.

The EURO 2020 qualifications is around the corner and all national coaches are under pressure to deliver reasonable results fter all their counterparts at club football don’t have the luxury of having long holidays and very short period of tournament and qualification engagement.

Even as far down to the players who are yet to be considered worthy of a call up from their national team sides, Benji Kimpioka for example will also feature for Sweden’s U21 side and although he is no Ibrahimovic, being a regular for the past year means he has built a place in the squad and it is in the best interest of his coach and teammates that he comes around whenever he is fit.

Tom Flanagan has not been a top favorite for new coach Phil Parkinson but even though he may not be a Wes Brown, being a capable back is almost as good as whoever is occupying his coveted position in the first team.

Injuries have a way of making coaches and fans appreciate the availability of a reliable bencher.

Since not only the international break normally deprive teams from having a complete squad, injuries have managed to rear their ugly heads into Sunderland’s face.

Lee Burge has been sidelined for some time now with his returning to the side not yet given by the club doctors.

The new date against Bristol Rovers is yet to be announced.