Which is Wes Brown’s next club?

After being released by Sunderland, Wes Brown is now searching for a new club, for a place where he can perform and probably spend the last few years of his career. One of the clubs that has been linked with the veteran defender is Blackburn Rovers as this is where he is currently training right now after his time with Sunderland reached its limit.

The head coach of Blackburn Rovers, Owen Coyle has revealed details concerning the possibility of signing Wes Brown as he said: “Wes Brown has had such an illustrious career and is an outstanding player. The games he played last year with Sunderland in the Premier League, he was an outstanding player. I said to Wes come in and enjoy his pre-season and have a look at things. He has a number of offers on the table and he was in no rush. So I said, ‘Why don’t you come in, enjoy what you’re doing here, feel good about your game, and you and I will have a chat going forward’. It’s as simple as that.”

Wes Brown is currently training with Blackburn Rovers for pre-season training and depending on how he performs there; it will be a big factor in whether or not the experienced defender does or does not join the Championship League club within the upcoming few days or weeks.

According to the manager of Blackburn Rovers, Owen Coyle believes that there are other clubs interested in signing Wes Brown which is a fairly surprising thing as the 36 year old player has consistently struggled with fitness during his career which has made it difficult for him to hold a place in the first team of different clubs but it seems like there still are a few teams that are willing to take a risk and sign him up despite these fitness issues and his elevated age.

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