Blackburn Rovers will give Wes Brown time to recover

Wes Brown has been a free agent since he was released by Sunderland in the Premier League season of 2015-16.

Ever since he became a free agent, the English defender has been training with Blackburn Rovers and there is a chance that he could turn into a summer signing for the English League Championship club, depending on how he performs in the upcoming few weeks.

The 36 year old English defender is currently recovering from a calf injury that he sustained and when Wes Brown does indeed get completely healed and ready to perform in a match, Brown is going to be tested and evaluated. Depending on how the veteran defender performs in these tests and friendly encounters, it will determine on whether or not he gets a contract with Blackburn Rovers.

The manager of Blackburn Rovers, Owen Coyle has recently talked about Wes Brown and his current situation as the Scottish manager said: “Wes is still here. I’ve been so frustrated for him. He’s a great man, he’s a fantastic player, and he was out on Monday doing a little bit, so hopefully he’s progressing the right way.

“He’s had an ongoing calf problem so I think to be fair to Dave Fevre and the group they shut him down a little bit to allow it to clear completely.Hopefully now he’s stepping up to do some positive training and then we’ll look to get him in some behind-closed-doors games at some point and we’ll take it from there.

“We’ve had a good chat and I’ve told him he can stay here as long as he needs to get fully fit and once he’s up and running, and he’s feeling good about himself, and I’m feeling good about the situation, we’ll have a chat man to man.“He’s comfortable with that, as I am.”

Owen Coyle stated that he will give enough time to Wes Brown so that the defender can recover and he even has the chance to get in the first team and perform consistently.

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