Wes Brown is presently not in favour at all at the stadium of Light

Wes Brown is presently not in favour at all at the stadium of Light despite the fact that Sunderland’s in need of some experience in the backline after their horrible defensive shows of late.

Brown is a wily, old defender and is quite efficient too technique wise. He is somebody, whom many believe, might prove to be pretty useful for Sunderland at this juncture, but, he is not being able to get a look in which is probably a sign that his time at the Premier League Club is up.

If that’s the case indeed, it might mark an end to Brown’s overall career too as being in his late thirties, it’s hard to imagine any club offering a contract to him once he leaves Sunderland.

In this age and time, when the players tend to change destinations pretty frequently, Brown has been somebody who has been quite loyal to the clubs he has been part of in his career.

He served Manchester United for a long duration, one and half decades to be precise and it was the club where he touched the peak of his game.

Most of his best performances came as a Manchester United player only as he achieved both domestic as well as continental glory in the Red jersey.

It was that golden Ferguson era when United had been winning literally everything and one of the most important cogs in their defence was Brown.

Brown’s glorious career at Old Trafford came to an end in 2011 when he made the move to Sunderland.

The veteran has been a decent performer at Sunderland as well, but, now, he is out of the scheme of things over there. He has been seen featuring for the Black Cats just once in the 2015-16 Season.

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