Wes Brown doesn’t want to give up on Sunderland

At the age of 36, Wes Brown is reaching the last few years of his career and the English defender is well aware of this.

This is why he wants to spend the remaining months of his playing career performing at his very best and most importantly helping Sunderland in avoiding the bottom relegation zone which is where they are currently positioned.

“At this stage of my career, I treat every game as if it’s my last one. I’ll give 100 per cent in every game I play and am more than willing and up for Villa. We are way off safety at the minute and it doesn’t matter that we have done it before. If you look at the points situation, it probably looks worse than last year but if we can nick a few points soon, we are back in it Anything can happen. I have seen it all at my age.” Sunderland’s experienced defender Wes Brown said.

Unfortunately for Wes Brown, he hasn’t been able to help out Sunderland as much as he would like and this is due to him having served a back-up option in this season of the Premier League.

Out of the 20 Premier League matches which have been played at this point so far, Wes Brown has made less than 4 starts. The only real reason of why Brown was featured in these games is because of the injury crisis that is currently affecting the team of Sam Allardyce as the coach has had to make a number of last minute changes.

Standing on the sidelines is probably not the way that Wes Brown would want to spend his last few years but as long as Sunderland is able to survive in the Premier League, the English defender stated that he would be more than happy in seeing that happen even if he has stay out of the pitch. However, if injuries continue hampering Sunderland then Brown will be able to get more time on the playing grounds.

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