Wes Brown Determined To Keep Playing

A string of injuries forced Wes Brown to left out of a number of matches for Manchester United. His first injury occurred back in 1999 which forced him to stay on the sidelines at Old Trafford for the entire season of that year. The English defender made his return to the pitch the following year and even received praise from the former Manchester United coach Sir. Alex Ferguson as the Scottish tactician praised Wes Brown considering him to be the most talented defender of the team.

From there on out Wes Brown spent 11 more seasons as a player of Manchester United with some impressive seasons where he managed to make a consistent number of appearances while others were plagued with the English defender sustaining a consistent number of injuries which was one of the main reasons on why Manchester United opted to sell him to Sunderland for a transfer fee that was never really released to the public.

Brown is now going through his last year of his contract with Sunderland and when the veteran defender was asked if he has thought about extending his contract with the Premier League club, the Englishman went on saying that he just wants to focus on having a successful campaign in the next season.

Brown said: “No, there is no point. I just want to play as well as I can this season hopefully stay in the team and then see what happens. I have played football all my life so it is not just something I am going to quit straightaway if it is possible to carry on. I am not the sort of person who does not like football or becomes bored with it. It has been with me since I can remember, so until these legs drop off I will try to play as much as I can!”

Even when Wes Brown left Manchester United and joined Sunderland, he has still struggled trying to stay in shape and avoid injuries and this is what he is trying to avoid in the next season of the Premier League.

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