Sunderland’s Wes Brown has seen his time limited with the relegation threatened club due to a long-term knee injury but after making a full recovery he has been placed into the starting lineup of Gus Poyet since November which was the time when the 34 years old defender started getting back in action and playing with the Premier League threatened club.

Despite having completed his recovery from his knee injury not too long ago, Brown believes that the more matches he plays is better for him.

“Playing three games a week is probably better for me. The next day is a warm-down and then it’s a light session, which in a way, is a lot easier. If you’ve got two or three hard days, long sessions, in a week, it can take its toll on my knees. Ask anyone, if you play a game, it does so much more for you than anything in training.” Wes Brown said.

Wes Brown has formed a superb central defensive pairing with John O’Shea in this season as they have kept clean sheets on a large number of matches in which they played together.
Sunderland has a very busy schedule ahead of them, as they have to face off against some of the top clubs in the Premier League including Everton, Tottenham, Manchester City, Chelsea and Manchester United just to name a few.

Gus Poyet will have to secure valuable points in their upcoming matches if he wants to steer clear away from the bottom relegation zone but head coach of the club has revealed the importance of having Wes Brown back at his disposal.

“It’s been great for me to have him. When I came here, I don’t think too many people at the club were counting on Wes, but he’s been very important. He has great experience, but he also has great understanding of the game. He sees danger and that’s why he’s played at the top level and won trophies’’. Poyet stated.

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