Wes Brown played in both legs of the Capital One Cup where Sunderland faced off against Manchester United and despite having to play against his former club; the defender stated that he feels no sympathy for helping Sunderland defeat the club where he used to play for 13 years.

“I don’t feel any sympathy for Manchester United at all,” said the 34-year-old. “I’m a Sunderland fan now. Obviously I’m a United fan as well but we’re playing them so I’m Sunderland all the way.”

“Back in September I could not imagine this club would be going to a Wembley final, and that’s the honest truth,” acknowledged Brown. “If you’d asked in September if there was a chance of us being in a final, nobody here would have said ‘yes’. We’ve come such a long way since then. We’re a strong bunch of lads and hopefully we can just keep this going now in the league.” Brown said.

Wes Brown has been a player that struggles with injury problems, this was evident back when he used to play for Manchester United back in 1999 when a string of injuries left him out and unable to play any competitive match during the season of that year. He did manage to make a full recovery the following year when he made 28 appearances for Manchester United and even received praise from Sir.Alex Ferguson who considered him to be the most talented defender of the club at that time.

The cycle continued some years later when Wes Brown had to make an abrupt conclusion to his season in January 2012 and could not play a single match for Sunderland during that year after tearing his knee ligament.

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