Brown Believes Sunderland Need To Play Better

Wes Brown has said that his team Sunderland must make a better start to the League this season.
The Black Cats had played absolutely terribly in their first few matches during the 2013-14 League. They had won just 1 out of the first 8 matches that they had played and had it not been for some great performances in the second half of the season, they could so easily have been relegated to the Championship.

Sunderland might have made a remarkable comeback to survive in the League the previous season, but, according to Brown, it’s not going to happen every season. So, his teammates need to ensure that they collect Points right from the start of the league and don’t leave it for too late.
Talking to the reporters yesterday, Brown said, “As far as the last season is concerned, the end was okay for us. We were tested, but, we did enough to survive.”

“That was our own fault though. We had come under so much of pressure only because we had not played well at the start. We hardly collected points in the first 7-8 weeks. That’s not good at all. Hard work early puts you in a comfortable situation and that’s what we will be looking to do this summer. A few wins early on in the season would be great.”

This is going to be Brown’s last season at the Stadium of Light unless he gets a contract extension at some point of time this year or next year. The veteran player was a key part of Sunderland’s back line last season playing 20 league matches. In the season prior to that though i.e. in the 2012-13 Season, Brown had not played even one league match because of injury.

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