Poyet Speculated For Manager Of The Season

Sunderland’s survival in the Premier League has led to Gus Poyet being speculated to being named as the manager of the season as Sunderland at some point in time seemed to be doomed at the bottom of the English league but a few of crucial victories allowed the team to remain competing in the Premier League at least for another season.

This survival has been hailed as a ‘’miracle’’ according to fans of the club and even Poyet himself and now the Uruguayan is being taken into consideration for other teams in the Premier League including Southampton and West Ham but Poyet remains confident that he will remain in charge of Sunderland for at least another season.

Poyet said: ‘’Every single manager in the world when he finishes the season has a meeting with the chairman of the football club, winning the league, going down, in the middle, having been named somewhere else, with contract, without contract it’s natural’’.

‘’Every now and then when a manager says, “I need to meet with the chairman to see where we are going”, you all start to think, “He’s leaving” or “He’s not happy” or “There’s a problem”, but it’s nothing. Yes, I want to know where we are going, if it’s possible not to make the same mistakes that we have made in the last couple of years because I don’t want to go through another year like this one’’.

When Poyet was asked if he expects to remain in charge of Sunderland, he responded by saying yes.

Asked if he expected to be in charge in August, Poyet said: ‘Yes,’ before adding with a smile: ‘You are scaring me now. What do you know that I don’t know?

‘’The rumors are natural; there are so many rumors all the time. But that means you are doing something special or you are being recognized for something, whatever it is’’.

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